Was Called Barren

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Was Called Barren

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A Devotional for Women Going Through Infertility

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Title: Was Called Barren: A Devotional for Women Going Through Infertility

Book: 8.5x5.5, 220pp

Publisher: Westbow Press

Release: 2016

Retail Price: $17.95

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From the Back Cover of Was Called Barren: A Devotional for Women Going Through Infertility

Trying to get pregnant?

Is it taking longer than expected?

Not happening how you dreamed?

You’re not alone.

Through “Was Called Barren,” Brandi walks alongside you by unveiling her own real-life experiences and journey through infertility. Brandi gives hope to women waiting for expectancy by sharing her private, up-hill, zigzag, and unexpected long distance voyage to motherhood. 

“Was Called Barren” is a self-paced devotional with 40 personal testimonies

that transparently talks about baby showers, fertility specialist appointments,

maternity tours, stupid things people say, and more in a heart-to-heart style.

Each chapter is interwoven with scriptures and reflection questions; along

with room to journal your thoughts.

Don’t lose hope, and don’t walk this journey alone! Renew and refresh your

belief in your baby promises with “Was Called Barren.”


Welcome Letter

A Note from Darren Chase, Brandi’s Husband

1. Preparation

2. Praising out the

3. Midnight to Morning

4. Building Faith

5. Vicious Cycles

6. If God Is Good, Why Is He Withholding Good?

7. Doing My Part

8. When God Shows Up with Cupcakes

9. Playing Mental Ping-Pong

10. Contentment

11. Buying in Bulk

12. Living with My Blinders

13. Crushed and Disappointed

14. But God 15. Believing for the Impossible

16. Purity with Purpose

17. Mourning the Womb

18. Keeping Your Hope in Front of You

19. Stinky Thinking

20. Buried Dreams

21. Who Do You Seek First?

22. Thought Life

23. What Schedule?

24. Be a Sunflower

25. 2 > 1 or Two Are Better than One

26. Birth Control

27. Baby Promises

28. Suddenlys

29. Being Called or Driven

30. Stupid Things People Say

31. Making a Way in the Desert

32. Baby Showers

33. Mirror, Mirror

34. Why Is She Pregnant and I’m Not?

35. Date Night

36. Control Freak!

37. Take the Desire Away

38. Deferring Life

39. Watch Your Mouth

40. Comforting When You Need Comforting