Prayers do get answered. Even on Halloween.

The other week on Facebook, I shared that I used to avoid baby showers like the plague when I was struggling with infertility; but Halloween was a totally different story.  I LOVED seeing all the kids in their Halloween costumes.  I mean absolutely LOVED it!  Cute little faces and smiles, it's just the best thing ever to me.  I would flock to every fall festival and carnival to see as many cuties as possible. 

This Halloween was different, but in a great way.  

Halloween 2016 was an answered prayer.

Growing up for me meant growing up with all my cousins.  I have a LOT of cousins.  I mean ALOT!  A handful of my cousins and I were all about the same age, and we had the best times growing up together.  I loved spending time with all my cousins, and dreamt that my child(ren) would grow up with their cousins like I did.  But there was a time when I was not sure if we were ever going to have children.  Fast forward through what seemed like forever (when dealing with infertility everyday seems like forever) to the present,  and my in-laws and nephew that lived in Colorado now live in the same town as us.  Yep, we used to be 1200 miles away, and now we are just 7 miles away.  So for Halloween, we went trick-or-treating together as a family.  Yep, the cousins went trick-or-treating!  I'm still amazed that this long lost prayer from years ago is starting to unfold.  Not all of our family live close by, but I feel this is only the beginning.

Prayers do get answered.  Even on Halloween.