July 31, 2016

Welcome to the first blog post on My Porch Life!  I had been utilizing the Kickstarter Platform to post updates about my devotional, "Was Called Barren," and needed to transition to a blog.  So here we are!  Welcome!

My Porch Life website is still under construction, and there will be an "About" page added; in which I'll explain why I chose the name for the website, and many other tidbits about myself, my family life, and upcoming book(s)!  Also, I'll be adding more pictures, and more pictures (who doesn't love pics?!?).

The plan for the blog posts is to keep you up to date about the publication of the devotional, but mostly, to start sharing some of the journey through infertility.  

So let's get down to some updates!  Outside of the blog/website starting, the other major update is that the editorial review and edits are completed.  

Email of the edited manuscript and a letter from my editor

Email of the edited manuscript and a letter from my editor

The manuscript for "Was Called Barren" was sent to the Westbow Press editorial team  for line item editing at the beginning of June.  My coordinator informed me to expect the manuscript returned in five to six weeks.  Well, she was right, it took exactly five weeks + one day.  (And yes, I was counting the days).  I'm currently going through the track changes made by the editorial team; and thus far, I have accepted all of the changes made.   I have reviewed nine chapters, and have 31 more chapters to go.  Once the manuscript is completely revised, the production layouts and proofing process begins!

I'm getting both excited and nervous while I am reviewing the edits and comments, because it means this is really happening.  I am about to bare it all, if you will; but I know it is needed.  Knowing that other women will be comforted through my struggles makes it all worth it.  So I'm pressing forward, and will keep walking through the process. 


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