Mother's Day

Mother's Day.  

I'm not sure where to begin, except to share what's it's been like in my life.

Mother's Day as a child was making homemade gifts at school, and my dad asking my aunt to buy my mom a mother's day gift.  

Mother's Day as a teenager was my dad now asking me to buy my mom a "nice"  gift, and if it came with "free with purchase" then I also received a mother's day gift; and just spending the morning at church, followed by a cookout or family gathering. 

Mother's Day as an adult was trying to get home to celebrate with my mom, and taking her out to eat or having a family cookout.

Mother's Day as a wife was still trying to get home to celebrate with my mom; but learning that I now have a second mother, my mother-in-law.

Mother's Day as a wife but also desiring to be a mother, and my mother desiring to be an abuela (grandmother in English); but neither of us felt comfortable enough to share those desires to each other.

Mother's Day as a mother, being celebrated for motherhood; feeling like I"m not the one that should be celebrated.

Mother's Day without my mother, wishing I had celebrated her more. 

This Mother's Day, if you’re desiring to be a mother and be celebrated, may you stand firm on His promise, "He makes the barren woman, a joyful mother of children!" - Psalms 113:9.  May you be able to take your eyes off yourself, and truly celebrate your mom (or another mother figure) this Mother's Day.

All my love,

Me and my mom, Mother's Day 2012

Me and my mom, Mother's Day 2012