I don't wear it that often, mostly when I'm missing my mom the most.  It's actually a little big on me, but I want to leave it just like it is.  Plus, it's really not mine to change.  I just get to hold onto it until the time is right to pass it on. 

It's my mother's wedding ring, which belongs (or will belong) to my daughter.  

It's a gift my mother gave her granddaughter, even though she was not even born yet.   But my mother knew.

The sealed envelope said, "Mija...special instructions after my death." [Mija is a Spanish word that is a term of endearment for your daughter.] 

After my mom passed away, I hesitantly opened the letter and was taken back by the pen date.  At the time of her writing the letter, I hadn't even met my husband yet.  She wrote it two years and one day before our wedding, which was nearly nine years before her first granddaughter was born.  

Of course the letter had special instructions for me, but it also held faith-filled words that I would have a daughter one day.  I know she was uncertain if she would be alive when she was born, but she was certain she would have a granddaughter.  In the letter, she told me to save her ring for her first granddaughter that I would have.  She also shared words that to this day still sound like they are being spoken straight out of God's mouth to me.

And so, as I'm typing these words, I'm wearing my mother's ring.  I'm wearing it because I remember the last Mother's Day I spent celebrating her, desiring to one day be celebrated as a mother myself.  I remember my first Mother's Day as a mother, which was also my first Mother's Day without her.  I remember not everyone gets to celebrate on Mother's Day.  I remember you.

All my love this Mother's Day,