There was a fireworks show on July 1st in our town.  I have no clue why there was one on Saturday, but it was totally unexpected, and such a nice surprise and treat.  While I was sitting on the back porch watching them, I started to reflect on a time in our marriage that lacked surprises.  There was a lack of "fireworks" during the course of the fertility treatments. I had become so laser-focused on conceiving, that I didn't slow down enough to pause and enjoy my husband.  I was so focused on conceiving, that I was not enjoying our marriage.  I was so focused on conceiving, that I didn't delight in our life as it was at that present moment.    

I'm reminded of 1 Samuel 1:8, when Hannah's husband asks her, "Why be downhearted just because you have no children? You have me—isn’t that better than having ten sons?” [NLT].

I still have those moments.  Even this weekend, I had to be reminded of this again.  I was starting to get laser-focused on getting things ready to celebrate Independence Day, that I was nitpicking at my husband for something petty.  I'll spare you the details, but I needed to pause and enjoy the present moment, including him.   I needed to let go of the tension, and regain sight of what is really important. 

So tonight, when there will be another fireworks celebration for Independence Day, I'm going to enjoy my husband.  I'm going to enjoy us.  I'm going to enjoy the fireworks of our life.